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At the same time, if you know that certain friends are struggling in their own relationships, recognize that they might not be the best ones to turn to for honest feedback.Good, pure and gentle advice comes from friends with pure motives – motives that desire to only uplift and encourage your relationship, not belittle and step on it. If you’re not being ghosted, you’re being breadcrumbed; if you’re not being breadcrumbed, you’re being gaslighted; and if you’re not being gaslighted… Fortunately, your friends are always on hand with advice and wisdom gleamed from their own experiences – and they are only too willing to share.This is precisely why you should never ask them for it. Her last date turned up drunk, an improvement, at least, on the one before him who didn’t turn up at all.Only you know the intimate details of your relationships.Sure, you can tell your friends every little detail of your love life, but they aren’t living it — you are.

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I don’t need to consult an advice columnist, or my friends or therapist.

I need to hear from the people of the world at large who have and have practical pearls of wisdom to bestow upon me. He has a history of pushing women away when they get close to him.

So here’s the dilemma: The other night I was out with some friends … Here’s what you should know: This dinner bunch is a tight circle of friends. I know this because we’ve talked about it extensively. The closest I’ve come is when I accidentally had sex with a guy friend of mine while drunk.

They only want a booty call until they’re in their late 20s, they don’t call for three days after a good first date, blah blah blah.

Having dated my fair share of men, I can tell you that although there are a few similarities between men, no two dudes approach dating exactly the same. You and your bestie may think you’re exactly the same person, but you really aren’t.