Problems consolidating databases

The information contained in unstructured data is not always easy to locate. In customer-facing businesses, the information contained in unstructured data can be analyzed to improve customer relationship management and relationship marketing.

Consolidated environments consist of multiple databases on a single instance, multiple instances on one server, or virtualized servers.

Backup compression provides significantly smaller and faster backups and restores in most environments.

Compression requires less disk space to store backups (and therefore the ability to store more backups locally), less network bandwidth to move backups around, less tape storage for offsite archive, and faster backups to reduce pressure on maintenance windows.

Yet the general impulse to make some of that information public has come from outside the church.

The first list of accused priests and religious was embedded in the index of Lead Us Not into Temptation, the fundamental 1992 history of the crisis by Jason Berry [number 1 in the photos above].