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The choice of word sometimes says as much about the author as about the person being described.The female buzz cut is having a major moment right now, and we are here for every single one of its iterations.Perhaps a sleek ballerina bun brings out your eyes. I've called myself the mom version of Carrie Bradshaw just to up my fabulous single status. Spencer writes: "The way I saw it, if I was searching for my partner in crime—my other half in love—he would love my favorite place too." Not only are you going to lift your spirits, you're going to spy for guys. Dating Myths Single Women Continue To Fall For As a single woman who doesn't want to be single, I was the last person who thought self-affirming was the answer, but it really is.You can actually train your brain to be more positive about dating. "It's not because the world is kind to people with good hair. Stop lying to yourself: Trust me, I've lied to myself too. This means that your body language and your internal energy will transform, too, attracting good things and, ahem, good guys. Look the part: Maybe red lipstick makes you feel sexy. I've told myself I am perfectly content with my beautiful, blonde 2-year-old son and my sexy magazine career. He thinks he's a chicken,' and the doctor says, ' Well, why don't you turn him in?' And the guy says, ' I would, but I need the eggs.'"That's kind of how it is with me and dating.

Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. It has caused a lot of problems in this world but has not solved one yet.” – “I do believe we’re all connected.

Sometimes I'm absolutely certain that going out again and again is crazy, not to mention time-consuming, stressful, frustrating, humiliating and expensive (all those mani-pedis! But I keep doing it, date after date after date, because I haven't stopped hoping that the next great love of my life is just one date away. By now I have probably been on more dates than 99.5 percent of the earth's population (and, oh how I wish I were joking) so I've learned a little something about it, including how to stay positive, even when it seems like your last good date was six months and/or a few dozen romantic dinners ago.

Here are seven ways to stay upbeat in the face of dating dreariness.1. Nothing makes dating more tedious than going out with guys who you're probably not going to like. Do the things you love (hobbies, exercise, curl up with a good book, whatever). Yeah, I know that may seem like a contradiction to number one.

Sure it's good to have an open mind, but lower your standards too much and you'll end up with night after night of bad dates.2. Don't let dating consume all of your free time. I'm not suggesting you look lower, I'm saying look wider.

Try dating a type of guy who you've never considered before.