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It is produced by Stephenson, Colin Vaines, Julia Valentine, Jane Wright, Enfys Dickinson and Dan Pickering. “Noel” will be the second feature from Stephenson, who recently completed his first, “Chicken,” starring Yasmin Paige (“The Double”), Scott Chambers and Morgan Watkins (“Wild Bill”).Singer/songwriter and musician Patrick Wolf, 27, has played with acts like Arcade Fire and recorded five albums, including new release Lupercalia. This album is a document of the past three years in a relationship. There were songs on the last album that were like a rallying cry – anti-homophobic, anti-xenophobic, anti-misogyny, protest songs – and I got into a really dark place as a performer.

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Doing all the touring, it took over – the hair extensions got longer, the make-up got thicker, my attitude on stage became really aggressive.

Wolf's styles range from electronic pop to Baroque chamber music.

Wolf's ongoing writing and recordings brought him to the attention of Fat Cat Records, who provided him with an Atari computer and a mixing console.

There’s so much rubbish connected to marriage, so I’m very happy to have a civil partnership.

I do think we have the right to get married if we want but marriage is connected to religion and you have to address what god you’re marrying under, so that’s all very tricky. I’ve got so much touring, I can’t even get a tortoise.