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From what we have seen, this seems to be mostly competing companies looking to get artists to spend money with them.We have also seen this from disgruntled artists who have lost a showcase and can not accept the loss.Once an inquiry is made through email, the fraudster passes along some information, but says they can’t show off the home because they live out of town.The “landlord” tells the hopeful renter that they require a deposit and that the keys will be mailed or dropped off.

It follows an incident recently when a 14 year old had an alert pop up on their mobile phone informing them that the phone had been hacked and they needed to phone the "Apple Support" number.Geoffrey, 56, brother Andrew, 50, and his son Joshua, 24, enjoyed ‘high living on a grand scale’ while employing foreign manual workers on minimum wage to maximise their income.Between them the Copp trio owned at least four Bentleys, seven Range Rovers, three Lamborghinis as well as a Ferrari and four Mercedes.Several postings have been spotted on sites like Kijiji and Craig’s List for beautiful homes for rent that are well below the average rental price.These postings typically don’t contain photos or an actual address.