Rutorrent rss not updating

To flash this firmware: Now you should note that cosmetically the only thing you’ll notice different after installing WDLXTV-Live is the background changing, and if you have list view selected the default is 8 instead of 7.Well you might also notice that your windows machines sharing folders show up better too, since I’ve made a small change there too.We’ve done our best to make everything as easily configurable as possible, every option is configurable through a web interface with concise descriptions.There is also a README included in every releases zip, which contains default passwords and other information, you are highly suggested to read it. If you are a power user then you’ll be able to harness your Linux skills and fly off into the world of homebrew, wondering why you delayed any longer than you did.But, if you're learning, you may as well learn with best practices in mind.Create a new user: Open a new terminal and test logging in with your newly created user modified SSH port.TV-Live/Plus is souped up unofficial firmware for the Western Digital WD TV Live and WDTV Live Plus.

Nothing should go wrong and everything should work accordingly, BUT if it does…

If it works, close the root session and continue with your new user account, if not, check settings in previous steps with the root terminal.

From now on, we will prepend sudo apt-get install -y build-essential subversion autoconf screen g gcc ntp curl comerr-dev pkg-config cfv libtool libssl-dev libncurses5-dev ncurses-term libsigc -2.0-dev libcppunit-dev libcurl3 libcurl4-openssl-dev git"XML-RPC is a quick-and-easy way to make procedure calls over the Internet.

If you get a message about answer YES for automatically, SUDO for approach, and YES for connecting to the Internet. List of supported web servers:$CEND EOF can Install Apache&& echo " $apache$CEND $Apache web server$CEND" can Install Nginx && echo " $nginx$CEND$nginx web server (lightweight)$CEND" can Install Lighttpd && echo " $lighttpd$CEND $lighttpd web server (lightweight)$CEND" echo " $none$CEND $Don''t install lighttpd." else error Exit "Invalid web server: $INSTALL_WEB_SERVER" fi [ -n "$FTP_PORT" ] && [ "$FTP_PORT" -lt 1 -o "$FTP_PORT" -gt 65535 ] && error Exit "Invalid FTP port: $FTP_PORT" if [ "$USE_RUTORRENT_PLUGIN" = y ]; then if [ -z "$INSTALL_WEB_SERVER" ] && !

The script will continue on completely automated from there. is Valid Rutorrent Base Path "$RUTORRENT_BASE_PATH"; then error Exit "$RUTORRENT_BASE_PATH is not a valid ru Torrent base path." fi fi if [ "$INSTALL_AUTODL_IRSSI" = y ]; then cat 's correct.$CEND $FTP IP address$CEND: $$OUR_IP_ADDRESS$CEND $FTP port$CEND: $$FTP_PORT$CEND $FTP server type$CEND: $CMAGENTA$FTP_SERVER_TYPE$CEND EOF fi if [ -n "$RUTORRENT_BASE_PATH" ] && [ "$INSTALL_AUTODL_IRSSI" = y ]; then RTORRENT_VERSION=$(sed -n -e "s/^[ ]*version:[^\"''re using an old version of ru Torrent.