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Once you've deferred your loans, it can be tempting to ignore them until your payments kick in.

But that could make your monthly bills higher down the line, because you could still be racking up interest before your first payment is due.

Brent Winebrenner/Getty Images The Federal Reserve can't actually "set" interest rates for financial products.

When the Fed "raises interest rates," what it's actually doing is boosting the target of one specific rate -- the federal funds rate.

While your loan is deferred, you won't have to make payments until you graduate.

And some loans offer a six-month grace period, giving you time after graduation to get settled before your first payment is due.

I’m still getting lots and lots of questions about what to do with your student loans.

If it is still active then you have nothing to worry about in terms of filing your taxes.

I had a slow night shift a few months ago, so I put together this sweet flowchart which I’ll update if things change again (as they did in December 2015 with the institution of Re PAYE.) Pretty sweet huh.

So start at the upper left, with medical school graduation.

If your loan is in default, you may not get your tax refund due to a Federal Income Tax Return Intercept. You, the borrower, will not get back any refund money taken to pay your defaulted federal student loan. If you’re in default, use this time to take action.

You can avoid future intercepts by rehabilitating your federal student loan and remaining current on payments. Get your loan out of default, get a payment plan you can afford, and then you can file your tax return.