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Do I still have to complete a Waste Management Plan? ft., then you must complete a Waste Management Plan. If I plan to salvage materials from my project prior to or during construction and/or demolition activities do I need to document this material and how would I do this? Yes, you will need to document these salvaged items by taking photos and submitting them with all other necessary paperwork for return of deposit. What constitutes inerts and do they have to be delivered to an inert landfill? Inerts are source-separated or mixed loads of dirt, concrete or asphalt and must be taken to an approved inert landfill.In addition, ALL demolition projects require a Waste Management Plan. If I want to make changes to the original Waste Management Plan, when should I inform the Resource Recovery & Recycling Division of these changes? Any changes that are made to the original Waste Management Plan must be reported to the Resource Recovery and Recycling Division before changes are implemented, or you will forfeit your deposit. When do I file for refund of my performance deposit? You must file for refund of your performance deposit within 30 days of Final Inspection sign-off or issuance of certificate of occupancy by a City of Santa Monica building inspector. How do I ensure that I reach the minimum requirement of recycling 70% of all the debris that is hauled from my project? You should bring all of your C&D debris to one of the Mixed C&D Recycling Facilities to ensure that you meet the minimum recycling requirements. Reference the Approved Facilities List for details. Should any of the material that is coming out of my project be taken to a landfill? We do not suggest any material from a project being conducted in the City of Santa Monica be taken to a landfill because it will reduce the 70 % recycle rate required by the city and reduce the amount of performance deposit returned to the applicant. What constitutes self-hauling by a contractor in the City of Santa Monica? Self-hauling is when the contractor uses his/her own trucks to haul C&D debris from a construction and/or demolition project in the City of Santa Monica. If they do, then they do not quality as a Self-Hauler and must apply for an Enterprise Permit at the Resource Recovery & Recycling Division located at 2500 Michigan Avenue. What are examples of Educational Strategies (Section II, Question #7) in regards to reaching my diversion goals and ensuring participation by all workers of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan activities? Regular tailgate meetings are suggested to inform employees about our diversion requirements.Reduce Litter In states with container deposits, beverage container litter has virtually disappeared. Government Accounting Office report estimated that bottles and cans represent 40-60% of total litter nationwide.The few cans and bottles that are tossed on sidewalks, playgrounds and beaches are soon picked up when they are worth a nickel. States with deposit laws report reductions in beverage container litter ranging from 69-83%.

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We’re sorry to see Delaware revert its recycling policies–now we’re down to ten bottle bill states.

According to Envision, the report, funded by a number of councils and businesses, calls for the reintroduction of a mandatory container deposit scheme (CDS) – where empty bottles can be returned to recycling centers or shops for a small refund.

“You won’t see bottles lying in the gutter, tossed over banks or drifting out to the sea when they are worth ten cents,” said the report’s lead author Warren Snow.

This piece of legislation does many things, one of which is replacing the Delaware Beverage Container Law. This fee will go into a temporary recycling fund that will help expand recycling programs. Beginning in early 2011, beverage containers will not be redeemable in Delaware for a deposit.

Several opportunities exist for you to recycle beverage containers.